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Cyclist of the Marathon-Tula Cycling Team Gulnaz Khatuntseva - winner of the Olympic Games in Tokyo

The cyclist of the Marathon-Tula Cycling Team Gulnaz Khatuntseva has become the bronze medalist of the Olympic Games in track cycling.

Gulnaz Khatuntseva in a duet with Maria Novolodskaya (26 points) won the bronze medal of the Tokyo Olympics in the madison discipline that had a debut in the Games program that day. Thus, Khatuntseva and Novolodskaya became the first Olympic medalists in this type of program in Russian history.

Britain's cyclists Laura Kenny and Katie Archibald (78) won, followed by Danes Amalie Diederiksen and Julie Leth (35).

Gulnaz Khatuntseva: “We were not going to retreat. There was no place to retreat. Yes, we were not in favor, but we went through so much for this medal. We are professional athletes, we wanted this medal, it was our goal. We were not going to give up. There were a lot of blockages today, but when you go through this, you even find somehow more focus, you gain strength and continue to fight. I want to thank all the coaches, everyone who helped with the preparation, my family, Svetlana Denisenko, my Marathon-Tula Cycling Team. Thank you for your support!"

The Governor of the Tula Region Alexey Dyumin congratulated the cyclists: “You showed good results on the track in Tokyo, made a significant contribution to strengthening the position of the Russian team. The medal won is a worthy reward for your excellence, dedication and team cohesion. The Tula region is proud of you!"

“I congratulate Gulnaz and Maria, I congratulate our team, the Tula region governance and the fans of Marathon-Tula. We are all full of pride and admiration today. I am glad that we managed to achieve the most important goal of the project - to win an Olympic medal for the country and for the Tula region. The fact that we were able to prepare not only the participants, but also the winners, the medalists of the main competitions suggests that we, together with the leadership of the region and the Tula school of cycling, managed to prove the effectiveness of the regional model of sports development" - said the President of Marathon Group and the Marathon-Tula Cycling Team Alexander Vinokurov.