Since its foundation, the Marathon Group has supported social organizations and projects related to culture and sport. We believe that the development of economic assets and infrastructure should be accompanied by socially responsible actions on the part of business.
In May 2017, the president of the Marathon Group, Alexander Vinokurov, and the governor of Tula Oblast, Alexey Dyumin, came together to set up the Marathon–Tula Cycling Team based at the Tula Velodrome.
Marathon-Tula Cycling Team
Since 2016, Marathon Group President Alexander Vinokurov has been on the board of trustees of the Russian Rugby Federation. Our company supports the work of the Federation aimed at developing and popularising rugby in Russia.
On 10 March 2019, the première of People's Artist of Russia Valery Leontiev's jubilee show "I'll be back!" was held at the Kremlin to a packed out audience. The Marathon Group was a primary sponsor of the event.
Valery Leontiev's jubilee concert at the Kremlin
Charity work
Partners and members of the Marathon Group team support charitable projects in secondary and higher education, medicine, and supporting orphaned children.
Charity work