Sergei Zakharov

Управляющий директор
Руководитель направления «Производство»
Sergei Zakharov was born on 6 March, 1980 in Moscow.

In 2002 Sergei graduated with honours from the Faculty of Law of Lomonosov Moscow State University, specialising in civil law. However, his practical experience in the field of law goes back to 1999, when Sergei began doing work for several large Russian companies.

In 2004 he joined the international law firm Clifford Chance, where he worked in Moscow and London. Over a period of eight years he advanced from an associate to a councilor.

In 2012 Sergei returned to Russia to take up the post of Vice-President for legal affairs at Summa Group, and then the post of Vice-President for corporate development.

In 2014 he joined A1, the investment arm of Alfa Group, as Executive Director.

On 15 May, 2017 Sergei left A1 to join Marathon Group.

Over his career Sergei Zakharov has been a member of the Board of Directors at various companies, e.g., Yakut Fuel and Energy Company, Far East Shipping Company, Summa Telecom and the others.

He is a member of advisory board of FC "Dynamo - Moscow".