About the sub-holding
Starting with the acquisition of a stake in the largest Russian retailer - retail chain "Magnit" - Marathon Group remains interested in the sector and is working on projects to expand its presence in the market, for which the sub-holding Marathon Retail was formed.
Chief Operations Officer, Marathon Pharma
After graduating from the S.M. Kirov Military Medical Academy in 1987, Igor Krylov served as a military doctor in the Russian armed forces until 1994.

In 1994-2002 he worked at the Russian representative office of Eli Lilly and Company, where he was responsible for marketing of endocrinology medicines, then at Aventis, handling the company's launch of insulin production.

In 2003-2014 Igor was the CEO of Pharmstandard, transforming it into an industry leader, then he became the first Vice-President and went on to develop the Medsi chain of healthcare clinics.

He has been a member of the Marathon Group team since the company company's inception.

Руководитель направления «Производство»
Окончил Дальневосточный государственный университет, программу MBA в Стокгольмской школе экономики. Получил большой управленческий опыт на руководящих позициях в крупных нефтяных, энергетических компаниях и ритейле, везде добиваясь значительных результатов.

В 2008-2010 гг. работал генеральным директором Якутгазпрома, в 2011-2014 гг. развивал группу компаний Невада, с 2014 г. руководил проектами по модернизации порта Зарубино и Угольного терминала в порту Восточный группы Fesco.

В 2016 году возглавил ЗАО «ФАРМ-ЦЕНТР».

Head of Distribution
Sergey holds an MBA from INSEAD. He has a long track record in senior management positions, first at the European headquarters of Ford Motor Company in Germany, then at Alfa Group: in 2005 he became the group's chief strategy officer, and in 2008 – chief investment officer at A1.

In 2011 he joined X5 Retail Group in the role of purchasing director, and later became chief financial officer and member of the board.

In 2016 he became CEO of SIA Group.

Head of Retail
Andrey graduated from Tula State Technical University with honours in two specialisations, then worked at the accountancy firm BDO. In 2001 he joined Protek in the role of deputy head of internal audit, later becoming chief financial officer and first deputy general director. Then he took the role of CEO of the Rigla pharmacy chain. In 2011-2012 he worked on developing the major private healthcare centre Clinic +31. In autumn 2012 he became general director of the А5 pharmacy chain, where he remained until 2016, when he joined Mega Pharm.

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Руководитель направления «Производство»
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