June / 2017
The Pharmaceutical Industry Committee held its first meeting 29 June at the Business Russia organization, chaired by Alexander Vinokurov, member of the Presidium of the organization's General Council
Business Russia President Alexei Repik congratulated the meeting on the Committee's startup and expressed confidence that, since they represent all components of the pharmaceutical industry – producers, distributors, and retail networks – the Committee members would be able to formulate uniform, constructive approaches to the industry's development and answers to its problem areas.

Alexander Vinokurov proposed constituting a Committee Board of Experts to include experts from various companies and government departments, and Marathon Pharma Chief Operations Officer Igor Krylov was made head of the Board.

The Committee will focus on matters concerning the pilot project to introduce a marking system for medications, procurements, enhancement of the medications supply system, steps to stimulate investment in the industry, regulatory impact assessments, the retail market and remote sales of medications, finding personnel for the industry, and R&D.

The meeting passed a resolution to focus separately on communicating with other Business Russia committees in order to formulate uniform approaches in this sphere.