November / 2017
Alexey Dyumin and Alexandr Vinokurov discussed matters relating to the support of track racing
On November 21, the Governor of Tula Oblast, Alexey Dyumin, held a working meeting with the president of Marathon Group holding Alexandr Vinokurov. Based on the results of the meeting, a decision was made that, starting from 2018, the Tula team will perform at the continental level.

The president of Marathon Group told the head of the region about the half-year results of MARATHON-TULA Cycling team and its future plans.

Thus, over this period Tula's team managed to win tens of various prizes and even two prizes at elite competitions, including Maria Averina with her gold medal at the World Cup and Maxim Piskunov with his silver medal at the European Championship.

As for the team's development, Alexandr Vinokurov mentioned that a range of new specialists, including trainers, technicians, physicians and massagers joined it in September. The team has arranged all the needed training camps. The cyclists are fully equipped with the necessary accessories, outfit and medications.

According to the president of Marathon Group, over a half-year, additional technical sponsors from Canada and Italy have been attracted and have provided the team with modern track and racing bikes.

The Governor thanked Alexandr Vinokurov for the support of Tula track racing.

"Such serious awards at such major tournaments are an excellent result. Obviously, it's not just a great athletes' achievement but also that of the joining personnel. As well as yours as a sponsor who helps in realising all of this. Let us hope that this is just the beginning", says Alexey Dyumin.

The president of Marathon Group also told the Governor about the plans for the nearest future. Thus, starting from 2018, the Tula team will perform at a higher continental level. This will allow the cyclists to participate in major international competitions under their own flag.
An application for registration of the team as continental will be submitted to the International Cycling Association in January 2018. The most important goal is to participate in the Olympic Games 2020 in Tokyo.

"We are glad that our support brings results. Athletes who just yesterday performed in junior competitions, brought medals from elite tournaments to Tula Oblast for the first time in several years. Now, a scientific group has been created to train the athletes in accordance with the latest achievements in track racing. We also plan to increase the team's financing", stressed Alexandr Vinokurov.

A creation of infrastructure needed by cyclists in Tula was also discussed at the meeting.