15 June / 2017
Marathon Group presents Marathon Sport
The Group plans to promote Sektsia fitness club, IQ Sports premium training service, and the Marathon-Tula Cycling Team as a special sub-brand

Sektsia (owned 50-50 by Fitness Junkey LLC and Marathon Group) is a sports club that offers its clients both group and individual workout programs. Accommodated here, under one roof, are the triathlon, martial arts, high-intensity interval training, CrossFit, and a modern exercise machine room. Among other things, Sektsia will be offering indoor cycle workouts using an ICG Connect digital platform (video screen and virtual cycling routes) and combat sports training – the club has a professional boxing ring and 20 punching bags.

IQ Sports is a service offering individually tailored development and comfortable conditions for training in the cyclic types of sports (triathlon, running, cycling, swimming, and cross-country skiing) that is based on profound expertise, experience, and the latest athlete training methods. The service is designed for busy people who make time to have a sporting hobby and a concrete goal of taking part in serious competitions. The IQ Sports training system consists of "big sport" techniques combined with a premium-level service that offers things such as medical checkups, functional testing, a specially developed training program, tracking of systemic changes, and situational corrections to the training plan. The mastermind of IQ Sports and its president is the physician, sportsman, technique coach, successful English Channel swimmer, and 10-time Ironman Vasiliy Mozzhukhin.

The creation, jointly with the Tula Oblast Administration, of the winning Marathon-Tula cycling team is the Marathon Group's third project under its Marathon Sport sub-brand. The goal of this project is to construct a training process and competition process and create the conditions for successful team performances in Russian and international competitions so the best team racers will be included in the Russian national team for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

"We want to use the Marathon Sport group of projects to promote the philosophy of a healthy lifestyle as the foundation of success," Marathon Group President Alexander Vinokurov said. "We have been steadily piecing our projects together so that today we can offer people with varying financial, physical, and time resources – enthusiasts, the seriously sports-minded, and sporting professionals alike – opportunities for exercise and self-development. Everything that is the most advanced, effective, and high-tech that exists today in high-achievement sports throughout the world we studied, adapted, and applied in our Marathon Sport projects.