November / 2017
Net profit of Sintez JSC for 9 months of 2017 accounts for RUR 843.47
On November 16, 2017, a regular meeting of the expert board of Delovaya Rossiya pharmaceutical industry committee was held. The chairman of the board, the managing director of Marathon Pharma Igor Krylov and more than 20 experts discussed the matters that will determine the development of the Russian pharmaceutical industry in the nearest future.

Development and discussion of recommendations relating to the project of Resolution on pricing of medications included in the vital and essential drugs (VED) list was one of the main priorities in the meeting's agenda. The committee supports the position of the Federal Antimonopoly Service and believes that the use of indicative calculation method, when registering producers' maximum sales prices of products stipulated in the VED list, is most appropriate. Moreover, all participants of the meeting agreed that a separate procedure for registration and re-registration of vaccine producer's maximum sales prices in accordance with the National preventive vaccination calendar is crucial. The key task in this area is not excessive regulation but stimulating of Russian vaccine production.

"As the production cycle is long and sales price is low, domestic producers can hardly avoid losses. For example, the price of a TB vaccine (BCG) is RUR 2.70 per dose", says Igor Krylov.

The mandatory medication labelling system became another subject of discussion. Members of the board stressed the importance of the project for the population, government and business. It is likely that a transition period will be needed to allow the market players to integrate in the new system smoothly and in a timely manner. According to experts, results of the pilot project have to be obtained in order to understand the "bottlenecks" of the upcoming labelling implementation based on experimental data.

Representatives of pharmacy chains, attending the meeting, confirmed the importance of the matter relating to the transfer to simplified taxation in retail. This general approach will be an efficient tool to fight unfair market players. A decision was made to organise interaction with professional associations for consistent promotion of the discussed initiative.

At the end of the meeting, a creation of a legislative environment for remote sales of medications was discussed. Representatives of pharmaceutical business and distribution agreed that it is important to take the interests of drug consumers into account and to develop a set of requirements in order to generate unified consumer safety regulations, competitive development of this area.