May / 2017
SIA Group buys stake in Bentus Laboratories from VTB Capital Asset Management
SIA Group has bought a 30% interest in LLC "Bentus Laboratories", the antiseptic handwash market leader that was being run by VTB Capital Asset Management. The deal was closed in late March 2017.

SIA Group is acting as a strategic investor and plans to participate directly in the asset's management, specifically to increase sales of Sanitelle® skin sanitizers on Russian retail and professional product markets.

"This asset is of strategic interest to the company, and the main product of Bentus Laboratories – Sanitelle® antiseptics – is a retail market leader. Our plans are to expand sales of the professional product line. Our potential clients could be banks, transportation companies, health centers, public dining establishments – any establishments where disinfecting the hands is required," SIA Group President Sergey Piven said.

VTB Capital Asset Management began implementing the Bentus Laboratories project in 2009 as part of a venture investment fund. "The asset was sold to the strategic investor as the fund's lifetime was coming to an end. Effective asset management enabled us to successfully develop and implement the project. Bentus Laboratories is already the leader on the Russian antiseptic handwash market, and it has enormous potential for further growth with its new strategic investor, the SIA Group," Vladimir Potapov, chairman of the board of directors of VTB Capital Asset Management, said. In 2016 Bentus Laboratories had earnings of RUB 240 million.

Purchase of the stake in Bentus Laboratories is a step toward expanding the production assets of Alexander Vinokurov's pharmaceutical holding company, which includes the SIA Group, the Sintez and Biocom plants, and the Mega Pharm pharmacy chain.

Bentus Laboratories (the Sanitelle® brand) is the founder of the household skin sanitizer segment and leader in the production and sales of skin antiseptics on Russia's retail and professional markets. The company's core business is the development, production, and distribution of 5th-generation innovative personal hygiene protection agents.

The shareholders of LLC "Bentus Laboratories" are LLC "SIA Group Management Company", RMG Holding Limited, Simonian and Associates Consulting Inc., and a number of private individuals.

This transaction means that Bentus Laboratories can have a broader presence on the pharmaceutical market, not just in the consumer products sector, but also in the area of supplying company-manufactured products to prophylactic treatment centers.

The company plans to more actively push its sales of professional products in the banking, public dining, industrial, and services sectors. It is also currently putting together an epidemiological safety program for guests and participants in the 2018 World Football Championship.