9 October / 2017
Marathon Pharma to make blood donation containers in import substitution drive
Open Joint Stock Company "Sintez" (a Marathon Pharma company) has received registration certificates for four types of blood and blood component containers. The new products, which are unrivaled in Russia, will go on sale in 2018.

The 450 ml disposable containers provide an enclosed system for collecting and storing blood and blood components and will be manufactured in three-compartment and four-compartment versions with or without a leukofilter.

"Using blood containing leukocytes for transfusions frequently leads to complications in the recipient at a later stage, increases the duration of in-patient care, and requires the use of strong antibiotics to arrest the complications, so leukofiltration of donated blood prior to transfusion has been adopted by law in many countries," Marathon Pharma Chief Operations Officer Igor Krylov explains. "The new products of JSC "Sintez" are the first Russian-made containers for obtaining leukofiltered blood and erythrocytes, and are on a par, in terms of technical and functional performance, with equivalent products from Japan, Korea, Poland, France, and Germany that are registered in Russia."

The containers have a number of features making them high-quality and easy to use. For instance, there is a compartment in which the initial portion of blood (about 50 ml) is collected, which prevents the ingress of epithelial cells and bacteria into the main compartment. There is also a feature for connecting a vacutainer tube, which is used for taking blood samples for laboratory analysis. To protect medical personnel against accidental injury, the containers of JSC "Sintez" have a protector cap that blocks the needle after the procedure.

The containers were designed to meet the Technical Regulations on Safety Requirements for Blood, Blood Products, Blood Substitutes, and Equipment Used in Transfusion and Infusion Therapies approved by Russian Government Resolution No. 29 of 26 January 2010, and they are produced on advanced KIEFEL equipment from Germany to ensure precision and quality of the medical product. JSC "Sintez" has the capacity to meet demand not only in Russia, but also in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and countries of the former Soviet Union.

More than 1,800 tonnes of blood and blood products are donated each year in Russia by around 1.5 million registered donors. The market for donor blood containers is estimated to be at least 3 million containers a year.

"Expanding the range of innovative Russian medications and medical products is part of our development strategy for the group's production assets," says Marathon Group President Alexander Vinokurov. "We set ourselves the goal of creating a product portfolio for the hospital segment that will meet three key requirements – supreme quality, full conformance to international standards, and lower prices than foreign equivalents – and our first step along this path has now been made."