28 June / 2018
In 2018, the biopharmaceutical company FORT LLC (part of Marathon Group Investment Company and the Nacimbio holding company) doubled compared to the previous year its sales of vaccine Ultrix. Commercial market sales amounted to 765,000 doses. The vaccine, which forms high specific immunity against influenza A and B, is recommended to adult and children.
The company has already started to produce and to dispense the vaccine. It is expected that the injections will be delivered to interested customers by the beginning of the mass prophylactic season.
The tri-valent inactivated vaccine of the latest generation Ultrix is developed by FORT LLC. It is purchased for immunization by both: Russia's government agencies and non-state structures. In 2017, FORT LLC produced and distributed more than 19.5 million doses of vaccine Ultrix and influenza vaccine SOVIGRIPP. This volume fully covered needs among the Russian children under the National Immunization Schedule and over 30% of combined demands for influenza vaccines among the entire Russian population. Since 2015, the company has produced nearly 30 million doses of influenza vaccines.
FORT's capacity is up to 120 million doses of pandemic influenza vaccine a year. It is also capable of producing some 40 million doses of vaccine against seasonal flue and up to 20 million doses of other antiviral vaccines. Infrastructure capabilities of FORT LLC permit to create additional shop floors allowing for localization of production of vaccines, which have not yet presented in Russia. The company plans to implement projects of production technology transfer of new drugs, including vaccines against hemophilus influenza infection, rotavirus disease, etc.