24 January / 2019
In 2018, the plant adopted a new retail development strategy and demonstrated record-breaking growth, gaining 23 points in the pharmacy sales ranking.
In December 2018, the sales volume of the Kurgan Joint-Stock Company of Medicinal Products and Devices Sintez (a joint asset of Marathon Group and Rostec's National Immunobiological Company) exceeded 1.3 billion rubles (an increase of 85% by December 2017), while fourth quarter turnover growth amounted to 49%.
According to analyst firm AlphaRM, the plant ranked 64th in pharmacy sales, in the first half of 2018, and moved up to 41st place in October, thereby demonstrating a record-breaking turnover growth rate for the pharmaceutical market.
"Historically, Sintez has been one of the most prominent players in the hospital segment of the pharmaceutical market", said Sergey Klykov, CEO of Sintez. "We remained active in this sector in 2018, and refined our sales system, paying special attention to retail development, since a large number of the pharmaceuticals we produce, such as Angiorus, Diclofenac and Prostudox, show great potential in this segment. Our new sales strategy and tactics have proved effective: by the third quarter, average monthly retail revenue increased by 43% compared to last year, while in the fourth quarter, turnover doubled, and then tripled in December. Moreover, this is only the beginning of the path we have decided to take in retail. That said, traditionally strong areas for the plant, such as hospital sales and exports, have continued to steadily increase by about 20%."
In 2019, Sintez plans to create an umbrella brand of 36 key pharmaceuticals, as well as develop, and patent new, in-demand medical products in the retail and hospital sectors.