16 November / 2018
A meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Marathon-Tula Cycling Team, chaired by acting Tula Region Governor Alexey Dyumin was held at the Tula Region Representatives Office, in Moscow, on November 16.
The meeting summed up the 2018 season results. Marathon-Tula cyclists won 14 gold, 8 silver and 8 bronze medals at various international competitions. The team's most notable achievements include a silver medal received by Diana Klimova in the Women's Madison (Olympic discipline) event at the UEC European Track Championships in Glasgow.
"As of October 1, our athletes have participated in 16 highway-cycling, and 32 track-cycling races, and have spent 263 days in training camps. But, that's not all. The team will be competing in the ongoing World Cup events," said Valery Grinkovsky, Head of the Executive Committee of the Tula Cycling Federation.
"Our athletes showed excellent results in the team sprint at the Russian Nationals in St. Petersburg, this past August. Alexander Dubchenko, Alexey Nosov and Daniil Komkov completed the event in 43.774 seconds. These results provide high hopes for the team at the 2018-2019 World Cup. The team is already competing in these events under its own flag."
Alexey Dyumin, acting Governor of the Tula region, and Chairman of the team's Board of Trustees, noted the athletes' achievements in both the national and international arenas.
"As part of the Tula regional team, Marathon-Tula cyclists won gold at the 4th Russian Youth Spartakiad. This marks the first time the region has received first place in the event. Our team performed well at the Tula Grand Prix International Competition and promoted the event effectively. These results point to our project contributing to the further development of skill-sets critical to professional athletes, an increase of excellent results at international competitions, and to the overall development, and popularization of cycling in the region," noted Dyumin.
Plans for the team's 2019 development were also discussed at the meeting. The season calendar will be expanded, including the road racing category. In 2019, emphasis will be placed on the Marathon-Tula team gaining enough points in track cycling in order to qualify for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.
"Over these last two years, our cyclists have demonstrated steady progress and we will be increasing their funding next year. The team's coaching staff has set ambitious goals, given the team's prospects of participation in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics—Diana Klimova, Alexander Dubchenko, Artur Ershov and Maxim Piskunov are all strong contenders. We hope that they and their teammates will be able to get into the best shape possible in order to achieve these goals," said Alexander Vinokurov, President of the Marathon-Tula Cycling Team.
During the meeting, Alexander Vinokurov, presented a certificate for 1 million rubles, on behalf of the sponsors of the Marathon-Tula Team, to Irina Arkhipova, Director of the Olympic Sports School for Cycling, which will be used to promote cycling among children and youth.