09 July / 2019
The international pharmaceutical company, MSD, and the Russian scientific production company, FORT Ltd., have agreed upon cooperation on gradual localization of Rotavirus, Varicella and HPV vaccine production in Russia. The localization of MSD vaccines will be organized at FORT's plant located in the Ryazan region. The total volume of investments planned on both sides, including operational costs, will amount to over 7 billion rubles (112 million US dollars) during the full course of the signed agreement.
Over 800,000 varicella cases and over 100,000 officially confirmed rotavirus cases are registered yearly in Russia. According to the Federal Service for the Oversight of Consumer Protection and Welfare, in 2017 the economic burden of varicella amounted to over 12 billion rubles, and from rotavirus – over 9 billion rubles.
Being one of the most widespread viruses, the economic damage of HPV is even higher. HPV is also known for causing a wide range of cancers and HPV-related diseases, with cervical cancer being the most common. Cervical cancer holds second place in the structure of prevalence among women of a reproductive age: over 17,500 new cases were registered in 2017 in Russia. According to expert analysis, the economic burden of HPV associated diseases in Russia amounts to over 60 billion rubles.
Immunization is the most effective way to prevent these infections as well as associated diseases. A large scale vaccination program would improve epidemiological and socio-demographical parameters and would bolster life expectancy and reduce mortality.
Marwan Akar, Managing Director of MSD Russia and EAEU countries: "MSD Russia welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with FORT and to help support the population health goals of the Russian government. Agreements reached between the companies represent a significant step towards increasing accessibility to preventive measures for diseases, especially to vaccination against some of the most serious and widespread viruses".