08 August / 2019
Total value of the deal is RUB 11.8 billion.

On June 7th 2019, as part of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, Marathon Group signed binding documents to sell it's shares in the Sintez and Biocom pharmaceutical companies to Sistema JSC. The two companies closed the deal on August 7th.
The transaction was handled by Sinocom Investments, the holding company, in which Sistema JSC is a co-investor. Sinocom Investments Limited bought, and now owns 46.5% of the shares in Joint-Stock Company Kurgan Medicines and Products Sintez and 75.1% of the shares in JSC Biocom. The total value of the deal is RUB 11.8 billion.
Sinocom intends to send a public (mandatory) offer to the minority shareholders of JSC Sintez to acquire their ordinary registered shares in the company within the time frame permitted by law.
Marathon Group held controlling shares in Sintez and Biocom for around two and a half years. During this time, the company has done great work in transforming its assets. The two companies have been placed on a new development trajectory, key elements of which are expanding their portfolio of commercial drugs; upgrading and consolidating their production facilities; achieving record financial results; and integrating the companies' sales systems, since their portfolios are complementary in terms of the types of products sold.