19 April / 2018
The Russian pharmacy chain «Mega Pharm» opened its one-thousandth store on April 19th in Samara.
Company's shareholder Anastasia Ignatova said that she was happy with the chain's grow rate.
"Last year, Mega Pharm's sales amounted to RUB 4.35 billion. In the first quarter of 2018, it has already exceeded RUB 2.7 billion even though over a half of our locations have not yet reached their full potential. We are confident that if we maintain the company's growth pace while also working on bringing our pharmacies up to the the forecasted operational indicators, this year the results will be in line with our expectations allowing the Mega Pharm to enter the club of twenty largest pharmacy chains' in the world, not only in terms of the number of operating pharmacies but also in terms of revenue," she said.
According to Ms. Ignatova, the main factors that drive the chain's growth are rofessionalism of the management team, collaboration with the major Russian retail food chains, and aggressive marketing strategy. "We expect that our strategy will deliver a noticeable revenue increase per pharmacy over the course of this year," she noted.
«We believe in our success. The operational indicators are showing very good dynamics. At the end of last year the average revenue per pharmacy was RUB 1 million, today this figure already exceeds RUB 1.2 million," Mega Pharm CEO Andrey Gusev said. "We also place high hopes on our own-brand labels. We expect to bring their sales' share in our total revenue up to 10 percent," he noted.
In April 2018, Mega Pharm ranked 27th in the top 100 pharmacy chains list according to Vademecum. Earlier PharmVestnik's placed Mega Pharm at 30th place in overall rating and at 2nd place in its 'Breakthrough of the Year' nomination.